A moneyline bet is a wager on the result of a match, including any extra play or shoot-outs played unless stated otherwise in the market name.

For most moneyline markets, there is an underdog and a favourite team to win. Bets on the favourite pay out less if they win, since that is the expected outcome. Bets on the underdog payout more if they win since that outcome is less likely.

Below is an example of a moneyline bet:

Screenshot showing a Moneyline bet in Proline+

Baltimore (odds 1.53) is playing Cincinnati (odds 2.60). A $10 bet on Cincinnati, the underdog, would return $26 (including the original bet) if they won the game. A $10 bet on Baltimore, the favourite, would return $15.30 (including the original bet) if they won.

Moneyline markets are available through both PROLINE and PROLINE+.

On the paper selection slip in-store the moneyline market is represented by “ML.”

While playing PROLINE you cannot bet the tie on the moneyline for most sports; it is currently offered for soccer and boxing only.

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