Yes, there are wager limits for PROLINE, PROLINE+, and Pools. Betting limits are dependent on several factors including but not limited to the event type, current betting activity, and liability limits.

PROLINE+ Wager Limits

The absolute maximum amount that can be wagered on any one PROLINE+ bet is $20,000, but some bets at this value may not be accepted for the previously mentioned reasons. Additionally, no individual transaction that would result in a payout greater than $600,000 will be accepted. If you attempt to place a bet that would exceed this limit, the bet amount on your betslip will automatically be adjusted down to an amount that would allow the bet to be placed.

PROLINE Wager Limits

The PROLINE wagering limit is $100 per outcome, (individual or combined), per player, per retail location, per day.

POOLS Wager Limits

The POOLS wagering limit is $500 per player, per retail location, per day.

For more details on wager limits, please see our PROLINE and PROLINE+ Game Conditions.