To place a POOLS bet online, go to or POOLS in the PROLINE app.

Select a POOLS card by sport and league by selecting VIEW ALL POOLS CARDS.

Screenshot of where to select a Pools card on PROLINE+

Single Play is the basic Pools bet where you choose one team to win from each matchup on the POOLS card. If you aren’t sure which team to select you can select Auto Pick to randomly generate picks for you. You can also make Box Play selections to increase your chances to win for an additional cost.

Once you are happy with your picks, select Place Bet. If you prefer to place your bet in-store click Save Bet and present your saved barcode to an authorized OLG retailer for processing no later than the cut-off time indicated on the POOLS card number (subject to further announcements by OLG).

Once you place your bet it cannot be changed. Your bet will be shown under the Open Bets tab until all matchups are completed. After all the matchups are complete, you can see your results under the Settled Bets tab.