A System Bet, also called a Round Robin bet, is a type of bet that combines multiple parlay bets into one to maximize your chances of winning. In a parlay bet, all your selections must be correct to win the parlay, however, in a System Bet you bet on every possible parlay combination based on your picks, so even if some of your picks are wrong you can still win. System Bets are available when you make 3 or more picks, up to a maximum of 8 picks.

For example, if you have the following matchups:

  • Montreal Canadians vs Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Ottawa Senators vs Boston Bruins
  • Edmonton Oilers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

If you make three Moneyline bets for Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton to win the above games you get the option to make a System Bet. Your System Bet will have four possible parlay bets in it: three 2-pick parlays, and one 3-pick parlay, this type of bet is called a Trixie because it has three picks and four parlay wagers, see the bet details below.

2-pick parlays:                                             

  • Montreal and Ottawa win, but Edmonton loses
  • Montreal and Edmonton win, but Ottawa loses
  • Ottawa and Edmonton win, but Montreal loses

3-pick parlay

  • Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton win

If Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton win their games, your System Bet wins because it covers that 3-pick parlay. If Ottawa loses, but Montreal and Edmonton win their games, you still win because your System Bet covers the 2-pick parlay of Montreal and Edmonton winning. However, if Montreal and Ottawa lose and Edmonton wins you lose your System Bet because that Parlay is not covered by the System Bet. 

Once you enter a wager amount into a System Bet field, that amount is multiplied by the number of wagers in the System Bet and your total wager amount will automatically be calculated and display at the bottom of the betslip. For example, if you enter a $10 wager for a Trixie, which has four wagers, your total wager amount will be $10 x 4 = $40. You can see the details of your System Bet, including potential returns, by clicking on the System Bet type on your betslip.

TIP: You can click on the word Trixie to see a breakdown of the combinations of your bet.

Screenshot showing the details of a Trixie System Bet

There are two types of System Bets available on PROLINE+: Type 1 and Type 2. The difference between them is that Type 2 System Bets DO NOT contain single bets and DO NOT contain a parlay bet for all the teams selected. Type 1 System Bets are available on PROLINE+ and only Type 2 System Bets are available for in-store betting when you build a digital bet slip using the PROLINE website or app. The chart below shows all the details of Type 1 System Bets.

 Breakdown of Wagers
TypePicksWagersSingles2-Pick Parlay3-Pick Parlay4-Pick Parlay5-Pick Parlay6-Pick Parlay7-Pick Parlay8-Pick Parlay
Lucky 154154641----
Lucky 315315101051---
Lucky 63663615201561--
Super Heinz7120-2135352171-

Type 2 System Bets are listed as “System 2/3”, “System 2/4”, etc. In these System Bets, the first number indicates the number of teams to include in the Parlay combinations and second number indicates the number of teams you are creating 2-Pick Parlays from.

Wager TypeFrom # of Picks
2-Pick Parlay3610152128
3-Pick Parlay1410203556
4-Pick Parlay-15153570
5-Pick Parlay--162156
6-Pick Parlay---1728
7-Pick Parlay----18
8-Pick Parlay-----1

For example, if we pick Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver to win from the following games:

  • Montreal Canadians vs Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Ottawa Senators vs Boston Bruins
  • Edmonton Oilers vs Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Vancouver Canucks vs Florida Panthers

A System Bet “System 2/4”, would be all 2-Pick Parlay Combinations for those four teams which are:

  • Montreal and Ottawa both win
  • Montreal and Edmonton both win
  • Montreal and Vancouver both win
  • Ottawa and Edmonton both win
  • Ottawa and Vancouver both win
  • Edmonton and Vancouver both win

As long as one of the above outcomes occurs, you will win the System 2/4 bet.

TIP: Once you’ve entered a wager amount, you can click on System 2/4 to see a breakdown of the combinations of your bet.

PROLINE+ How To Place A System Bet from OLG on Vimeo.


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