A parlay bet is a bet that combines multiple single selections into one bet and all selections must be correct to win. The more picks in your parlay the bigger the payout, but your odds of winning are less. When making a parlay bet the odds for each selection in a parlay are multiplied together to give the total odds for the parlay bet.

For example, say there are the following matchups:

  • Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets
  • Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers
  • Arizona Cardinals vs Houston Texans

If you select Buffalo (odds +6), Denver (odds +2), and Arizona (odds +3) to win, you can make a 3-pick parlay bet (odds +36). If all three teams win, your 3-pick parlay will be a winning bet. However, if Buffalo and Denver win but Arizona loses, then the 3-pick parlay loses.

With PROLINE in-store, a paper selection slip allows you to make a parlay bet with two (2) to eight (8) selections.

When you build a digital bet slip on or in the mobile app, you can make a parlay bet with two (2) to twelve (12) selections and present your bet slip in-store.

When betting online with PROLINE+, you can make a parlay bet with two (2) to twelve (12) selections.

Parlays on related outcomes will not be accepted. Related outcomes are outcomes where the result of one selection contributes wholly or partly to the result of another selection. This could be within the same event or across multiple separate events.

For example, a moneyline and point spread bet from the same event are related outcomes and a parlay bet on these two markets would not be accepted.

PROLINE+ How To Place A Parlay Bet from OLG on Vimeo.

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