Combiboost enhances the potential payout on eligible, winning straight parlay bets. The boost is determined by the number of selections in the parlay. As the number of selections increases, the boost to the potential winnings may also increase. All selections in a parlay must be from eligible sports markets and the parlay must meet the minimum total parlay odds requirements to qualify for Combiboost, see the chart below for details.*

The Combiboost percentage is applied to the potential winnings portion of the payout only, the bet amount is not included in the calculation of the boost.

For example, if a $10 bet is placed at 3.0 odds, the potential winnings is $30. The profit on that winning bet would be $30-$10 = $20. If a 10% Combiboost is possible, the Combiboost would be calculated as 10% of the $20 profit, which is $2, therefore the potential return with Combiboost would be $32.

Combiboost is available on all markets for the following sports: football, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis. You must have at least four (4) eligible selections on your betslip to be eligible for a Combiboost. As more selections are added, the boost percentage will increase.

The Combiboost amount paid is based on the number of winning selections. If any selections on your wager are voided, the parlay size will be reduced accordingly, affecting the Combiboost percentage. For example, a 5-Pick Parlay with four (4) winning selections and one selection settled as void will receive the Combiboost for a 4-Pick Parlay.

A 4-Pick Parlay that is reduced to a 3-Pick Parlay due to a voided selection is no longer eligible for Combiboost, regardless of the outcome of the remaining selections.

Please refer to the following table for Combiboost percentages and eligibility requirements.

Parlay SizeCombiboost Percentage
4-Pick Parlay5%
5-Pick Parlay10%
6-Pick Parlay15%
7-Pick Parlay20%
8-Pick Parlay25%
9-Pick Parlay30%
10-Pick Parlay35%
11-Pick Parlay40%
12-Pick Parlay50%
Other Conditions 
Minimum total parlay odds1.20
Eligible market typesPre-match only
Maximum potential bonus$50,000

*System Bets and individual bets within a System Bet are not eligible for a Combiboost.

OLG may, from time to time, simultaneously offer a promotional Combiboost with payout enhancements for wagers that meet specific eligibility requirements on identified sport(s) or market type(s), while continuing to offer the standard Combiboost as indicated above for otherwise eligible wagers.

Only one Combiboost will be applied to any individual wager, according to the eligibility of the selections on the betslip. If a wager meets the requirements for the promotional Combiboost, only that Combiboost will be applied to the wager.

PROLINE+ How Combiboost Works from OLG on Vimeo.

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